Motivational sales speaker, Sales Training for Women, Motivational Sales Training

Motivational sales speaker, Sales Training for Women, Motivational Sales Training

To ensure that we deliver the best speech, seminar or workshop for your event we will design a program that is specifically tailored to your needs and is totally inline with your businesses core values and beliefs.

Billionaire Babes will work with you to discuss your objectives to ensure we have the best cut through message that is powerful, effective and right on target.

Annette is available to speak in major cities worldwide. Please go to our home page and click on 'Billionaire Babes Speaks' to enquire about workshops and presentations.

Types of workshops available:

Our workshops range from Mastering Rapport, Selling & Closing, Telephone, Gaining Referrals, Negotiating, Personal Development with NLP Process, Management and Customer Service.

Please call us for more information on 1300 887 523 for workshop specifics.

Most sought after seminars & workshops are:

  • I Suck At Sales - You dont have to be a sales shark to be able to sell, entry level workshop that will install mindset like you've step into the matrix brain of selling.
  • Personal Power - Personal development based on NLP techniques, breakthroughs, personal action tasks and learn how to thrive in any area of your life.
  • Presentation Speaker Skills - designed for anyone who has to hold meetings or enrol people face to face to platform stage skills.
  • What Women WantUnderstanding the vital difference of the female brain. This workshop can be tailored for relationships, sales and customer service to helping small, medium or large companies.
  • Top 10 Reasons Why Women Fail When Selling - Learn the techniques that will change you and your business financially.
  • The Art Of Negotiating & Selling Seamlessly - learn how to enrol people with invisible communciation tecnhiues. The power is in your hands.
  • The Best I Can Be - Learn the most up to date strategies and techniques in human performance. Obliterate self doubt, self sabotage and learn take home techniques you can use and also share with your family and friends.
  • How Did I Get So Fat? Tailored for the overweight to really understand how hormones are their biggest enemy and why it doesn't have to be hard to lose weight.
  • Women & Weight Loss - Understanding how to melt the fat away, gain self control and still eat your chocolate too!