Billionaire Babes Club

Billionaire Babes Club

The Billionaire Babes Club® is focused on helping you and your business propel forward fast, taking you to that next level you know you've been looking for.

It's perfect for the ladies who value the importance of their professional and personal time rather than taking the long way to figure 'stuff ' out and, lose money through distractions and mistakes-they'll take a short cut and fast track their career through expert advice to get to their destination fast.

 You'll enjoy access to the members only area where you can gain MP3 and MP4 recordings of Annette's (Billionaire Babes Founder/Director and Master Practitioner- find out about Annette Here) teachings from past calls, sessions, interviews and educational library.... all at your finger tips with your own personal password to enter.

Billionaire Babes members receive practical help from personal development to implementation on business structures around sales and income. This is all wrapped up in world class education. 

It's a one-of-a-kind coaching club designed to support entrepreneurs on every level. Just think, what could you accomplish if you were personally mentored by Annette founder of Billionaire Babes?

There are several different tiers of membership available, ranging in benefits from private, live, one-on-one coaching to group teleseminars and downloads. Tuition starting as little as $39per week.

Show Girls (Gold Tier)

The Gold Tier of the Billionaire Babes Club is created for entrepreneurs or small business owners who are ready and want to take their business to the next level for a minimal investment.

This is our entry level membership and a great way to have ongoing access to Annette and her teachings at a very affordable rate. You'll enjoy monthly group phone calls with Annette, along with interviews of successful entrepreneurs highlighting sales, marketing and success topics designed to move your life and business forward.

This program covers Annette's best sales and business strategies on a monthly live call that is recorded and accessible online for your convenience in the members only area. You also have access to past online recordings and educational videos.

The Show Girls program suits the business person or entrepreneur who will enjoy implementing the live coaching programs and who feels that regular learning will help them thrive and succeed.

The most exciting part is that each call gives you an abundance of ideas and ongoing educational material to immediately help you and your business thrive finically.


Diva's (Platinum Tier)

The Platinum Tier of the Billionaire Babes Club is created for the dedicated entrepreneur who wants to take control and grow their business fast financially. Whether they have an existing business or a startup, Platinum comprises of proven strategies that are tailored specifically for you and your business, designed to transform you and how your business is operating.

This coaching program consists of:

  • 8hr Intensive One on One Training Day to help you hit the ground with a running start.
  • Followed by;  4 x One Hour Coaching & Mentoring Sessions (via phone, Skype or face to face, once a week over 4 weeks)
  • Then 10 x One Hour Coaching & Mentoring Sessions to your success ((via phone or Skype, face to face — once a month over 10 months)
  • Complimentary full access to the online Members Only Lounge; with your own password to gain recordings of the audio and video library.


Masterminds (Diamond Tier)

For Outstanding Achievers, we offer the Diamond Tier of the Billionaire Babes Club. Diamond is for those who are ready to make the leap and accelerate their earning potential to the maximum.

This is perfect for a single entrepreneur or/up to a business owner with a team. The Masterminds have the ultimate personalised attention, with tailored in-house coaching and training inside your facilities. Ranging from one-on-one coaching for you and your team of staff  to dynamic workshops. The coaching and teaching environment will focus on strategic business planning from personal development, sales and effective systems within your business, all personally taught by Annette Lackovic. Training and coaching is delivered face to face once a month for a 1 day power sessions (8hrs) to totally ignite you and/or your team over a tailored 12 month program.