What We Do?

What We Do?

Most of us are seeking a rich and fulfilling abundant life on all levels (financially, professionally & personally). Billionaire Babes can help you achieve your dream life by using the most advanced mindset, strategies and skills that produce real world results

Billionaire Babes works with the two key attributes in creating greater success in business.

  1. You: Your mind set, your motivational levels, your actions (and non actions), your values, breaking habits, negative association, fears etc
  2. Skills: Implementing structure, systems & processes to help you and your business thrive when selling, negotiating and networking.

Billionaire Babes unlocks the pure income potential in you and your business, to help you make a stack of cash. With a blend of business sales consulting and personal coaching with a highly skilled and qualified practitioner. We strategically work with you and can tailor everything for your businesses ultimate success.

Who Do We Help?

Are you an entrepreneur, business owner? Or perhaps you have been thinking or dreaming of creating a business for yourself and just not sure how to take that next step.

Have you been out there giving your heart and soul, but your business or career is not producing the amazing results you know it could and should be?

Do you have a team or business, where everyone or everything depends on you for answers and results? It can be lonely at the top and sometimes we just don’t have all the tools and answers.

Many women in businesses close off their issues or concerns to colleagues, however that negative energy and internal dialogue can hinder you and NOW is time to release everything that’s held you back and start to thrive.

Perhaps you just need some motivation and someone to reignite that fire in your belly.

Billionaire Babes helps women who are ready to make some major change in their life so they are succeeding professionally and personally fast.

About Annette, Director of Billionaire Babes

Annette is Australia's Leading Female Sales Experts and her passion is to help obliterate insecurities when it comes to selling. From one on one coaching to standing on stage in front of a crowd, Annette has extensive experience and raving fans in helping small business to large corporate companies such as Pernod Ricard Aust', Sanity Music, Dusk, Flexi-Rent and Ezypay to name a few. 

Annette has been creating winning businesses for more than 15years and is the Founder and CEO of Her International Pty Ltd. Annette’s passion and core Business is Billionaire Babes, which focuses on unlocking the real income potential in small businesses and the solopreneur. She believes that powerful communication skills and enhancing your personal development has been the difference in help women create skyrocketing breakthroughs. 

Annette is a dynamic upbeat communicator and an expert in Sales, Negotiation and Human Performance with a masterful background in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). When you experience Annette's live events there is no doubt that you will see her dance as she can't tame the dancer inside. 

Annette's ability to help organisations and individuals maximise their income potential comes from her own experience as a business owner, business coach, sales trainer and international speaker and presenter. This combination creates not only a credible and experienced speaker she also connects with the audience with massive amount of empathy and rapport.

Her passion, enthusiasm, skill and dedication makes her one of Australia's most highly regarded speakers within the Sales Sector.


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