Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching

For fast results, Billionaire Babes one on one coaching sessions will give you maximum results having you move from A to B quickly and comfortably. Our accountability system will help you raise your standards and challenge you to create change in areas of your business and personal life.

By  blending both consulting & coaching to give you maximum impact, ensuring implementation, accountability and outcomes of massive results is our goal for you.  Here’s an explanation of consulting & coaching to help and/or your business:

Consulting: We do an analysis on you and your business. Make recommendations from past or current performances, sales processes, structures, strategizing, management, marketing, sales offers etc. A consultant gives specific information, training and provides solutions.

Coaching: Working one on one or in small groups, the coach asks probing questions, getting you to think and take responsibility, leading you to the answers you need, thus expanding your mind and taking you to new places of enlightenment. They work with you on performance issues , self sabotage and limiting beliefs. A coach will hold you accountable to your goals and train you in systems and the processes needed for your success.

So at Billionaire Babes we blend the consulting and coaching together in a hybrid style. We can give you all the professional skills for your business  to help it grow financially. If we only worked your business at that level and there were some underlying "stuff" with yourself, then it will feel like your always running into a strong wind and your business will be held back.

Mindset controls your thoughts, your thoughts turn into feelings, those feelings turn into actions and then those actions turn into results.

If you're not happy with the results that you are getting in your life, then experience shows that most of the time we have to strip you back and find out whats going on internally for you ‘your internal world / your thoughts.’


We have approx 30,000 thoughts a day and if there are negative ones around you or your business, your product or staff, then that's where the best place to start is. round you or your business, your product or staff

It's like a domino effect, when we fix that one area, then everything else falls into place perfectly.

Billionaire Babes helps you move forward fast with:

  • Time line therapy
  • Performance coaching
  • Hypnosis
  • Subconscious re-patterning
  • Business sales coaching
  • Sales training
  • Negotiation skills
  • Speaker platform presentation skills
  • Body language training
  • Customer service training

This can all be encapsulated under one word ‘communication.’  We teach you the art of communication, not just to others - but to yourself!

Your internal communication is  the missing key to your successful life. When you become a member of Billionaire Babes, it will be like someone has flicked on the light switch and you now have complete clarity to propel yourself forward with ferocious attitude and ambition.

For more information, try our Complimentary Sales Diagnostic Session or if you know that what you are doing has only taken you so far, then jump on board with Billionaire Babes and make the decision to commit to yourself and your dreams with one of our easy to implement programs.

Stop letting fear hold you back and step into the circle of systemised success.

Have a look at our programs here and choose which one is right for you.