Sales Negotiation Training, Fitness Sales Training, Sales Training Sydney

Sales Negotiation Training, Fitness Sales Training, Sales Training Sydney

We Tailor Our Training Menu To Your Business

The Sales Success Blueprint

To build a sky scraper you need a solid foundation.The Blueprint is the foundation to all of the modules below. We highly recommend starting with this module.

  • Learn the blueprint that every business should have
  • Selling essentials that increase sales
  • Learn how to create a good first impression
  • Learn the FBF selling formula
  • Learn the eight steps to selling More!

Quality Qualification (80% of selling)

 This module is by far the most important for any business who needs to increase sales revenue. Perfect for businesses selling to customers face to face or over the phone. This day is tailored to your business.

  • Learn pre chat skills that increase sales
  • Establish a solid foundation for closing
  • Reduce objections before presenting prices
  • Learn how to create REAL buying emotions

D.I.S.C How To Win Friends and Influence People 

Everyone who works within your business should learn this phenomenal module. It’s fun with massive learning curves on how to adjust for impeccable customer service, selling, negotiating and retention.

  • Understand logical v/s emotional selling
  • Recognise the four (4) behavior styles
  • Learn how to build MASSIVE rapport
  • Learn how to USE behavior types to increase sales
  • Learn how DISC help with impeccable customer service

Presentation Sensation

This is a crucial workshop if you are in a competitive industry and need massive cut through to stand out from the rest.

  • Learn how to present your product/services that will ignite your customer
  • Learn the power of test closing & the rule of 25
  • Asking for the sale/money/business/decision
  • Reduce your businesses lost sale percentage
  • Increase your sales by using a diagrammatical price presentation

In Coming Call Mastery

The phone is the face of your business and in this workshop you learn how to create a fantastic first impression that separates you from your competitors. Learn how to reduce giving price over the phone and how to create more appointments that show.

  • Learn the 4 steps of effectively taking an incoming phone inquiry
  • Increase the amount of QUALIFIED presentations that buy
  • Increase your appointments show percentages
  • Learn how to use the phone to maximize your sales

Prospecting Perfection (Outbound calls)

This profound module works with mind set and skill set of making a break through outbound call, so ever call you make creates a positive impact and increases sales immediately. This module will be tailored for your business.

  • Learn the how to enroll a potential prospect immediately
  • Learn how to get more appointments from cold calling
  • Learn how to close on follow up calls
  • Take away lead generation ideas 

The Art Of Closing

This workshop will give you the skills of closing a sale and asking for the money/deal/contract etc in more ways than you can poke a stick at.

  • Learn how to ask for the sale with confidence
  • Become an expert on how to get the sale without looking pushy
  • Learn how to increase your closing percentage
  • Learn easy to use closing strategies & techniques

Reducing & Overcoming Objections

This is such an easy skill  to learn but seems to be the most feared. Learn how to easily overcome an objection and not ever feel as though you are breaking rapport with your potential customer.

  • Learn how reduce objections before they come up
  • Learn how to identify a real objection
  • Learn the IF Strategy that will overcome most objections
  • Learn how to deal with Money, Partner/ Third Party, Think About It, and other objections in this cut through workshop.

Referral Heaven 

Every business’s goal is to be able to cut the cost of marketing and have a passive flow of qualified leads. This workshop is specially tailored to your business.

  • Increase income and profit with referrals
  • Learn how to ask for referrals at point of sale and not look salesy
  • Learn easy to use referrals strategies and techniques
  • Learn how to be pro-active & make the most of marketing campaigns

Perfect People Skills  (NLP)

The art of communication is more than words, it’s your body language, tonality, skin colour shifts, eye patterns and so much more than meets the eye. Watch the day unfold and you will never look at another human being the same again.

  • Learn the art of matching and mirroring
  • Learn how to use body language to build MASSIVE rapport
  • Learn how to establish the buying patterns of your prospect
  • Learn how to professionally control & lead with questions

Sales & Lead Management

Every business needs to know their sales statistic to help them grow rapidly and to easily diagnose areas needed for improve to help that bottom line.

  • Learn the management formula to plan & confirm for good income days
  • Learn how to use data to isolate your own and your teams selling challenges
  • Learn lead management techniques that increase your income & company's profit
  • Maximize your true income potential

Talk Of The Town  ( Speaker Training)

Become masterful at enrolling people into your conversations, wether it be a small meeting to a large audience. This two day intensive speaker training course will have you walking away with unstoppable confidence and knowledge.

  • Learn what separates you from everyone else and how to be authentic.
  • How to reduce your "nervous feelings" & boost your personal confidence
  • Learn how to plan your presentations and create awesome depth
  • How to read and work with your audience to maximize their experience
  • How to use stories & metaphors to increase the impact of your presentations
  • How to use body language and non-verbal communication skills
  • How to use 'hand movements & facial expressions' that engage audiences
  • Learn powerful communication skills that create impact in learning and selling
  • How to sell from the stage with massive cut through
  • How to keep the energy flowing all day holding the audiences complete attention.

What Women Want

The difference between males and females is HUGE, this workshop will have you laughing a lot while you are learning cut through information with selling and customer service.

  • Learn the art of what women want when buying
  • Learn the difference between the male and female mind
  • Learn how to establish massive rapport
  • Learn how to how marketing effects women, and how to brand your business

Super Service

This is a customer service focused workshop. Learn how to create a first class experience to your customers. Stand out form the rest and create the wow service you know you need to leave that lingering long lasting impression.

  • Learn how to have customers as raving fans
  • Learn the difference between good and great-you need to be great to stand out.
  • Learn how to establish massive rapport with customers immediately
  • Establish repeat business and referrals
  • Learn key body language techniques to create amazing impressions